Pleasure While You Sleep: What Are Erotic Dreams?

Dreams are the best therapy for repairing the body and strengthening certain aspects such as memory; it is a cerebral activity that reproduces a huge number of situations through the subconscious, many including people and places we know. In some of those scenarios eroticism can take on a starring role, which is what sex dreams are.

Although there are many opinions as to the cause of erotic dreams, they are usually sexual stimuli that need to be released. When we Sleep, subconsciously, we placate those stimuli by dreaming – many times giving rise to situations that feel very real.

Erotic dreams are an involuntary reminder of our sexuality, a physiological function that is completely normal to humans. For that reason, we can conclude that sex dreams are healthy and natural and you shouldn’t worry if you have a good time while you sleep – on the contrary, it’s actually relaxing and satisfying!

Possibilities are endless when we talk about erotic dreams; you might dream about your partner, a friend, or even a sexy luxury woman of pleasure who caught your eye online, and the dreams can also be the product of memories or totally new and very arousing situations, like a beach sunset with your partner or an exotic night in company with beautiful women of the night no strings attached. Any stimulus that has been saved in your memory can be reproduced in very similar forms in your dreams.

In this situation, you may even have an orgasm while you sleep, which releases pleasure and relaxation hormones. This is the body’s automatic response when it knows it needs to release sexual tension, and this happens to both men and women.

Erotic dreams can have a variety of meanings, and many of them are not strictly literal, so dreaming about someone other than your partner does not necessarily signify infidelity, although it is always good to look for the meaning of these impulses as they could have a more complex resolution than you might think. Dreams reveal our repressed and subconscious desires, and those thoughts that only we know that we don’t talk about because of insecurity of social pressures.

Something more complex like the need to have control over certain situation, a relationship that needs to relight the flame of passion or even something as simple as an unfulfilled wish, are some of the stimuli your body needs to show you somehow, while you sleep, that there may be situations to resolve in your day-to-day life.

Erotic dreams are natural and healthy and you should not worry when they happy — it is a reminder of our capacity as humans to imagine and satisfy our own basic needs. Our body does not stop work, even while we sleep, and during that time it sends signals to you that perhaps you need to introduce new elements of sexuality into your everyday life. The most exciting and vivid situations can be a reality from the comfort of your bed, because erotic dreams are the perfect chance to enjoy yourself while you rest and let you start the next day with a much more positive outlook!

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